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Our Mission

At UpscaleCyber we protect you through analysing and fortifying every aspect of your business's online presence. 

Whether you have basic website security issues or advanced complications, our holistic approach to cyber security allows for threats and incidents to be dealt with promptly under one roof.

In a moment's notice our ethical hacking technicians will commission a ‘red team’ that will critically assess your business's technical landscape to find any vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can utilise to exploit.   

We will then create a report with our findings, alongside solutions that will extinguish any vulnerabilities that we find.

Upscale your cybersecurity with UpscaleCyber.

What makes us superior?

✅ Price

✅ Speed

✅ Quality

✅ Simplicity

✅ Confidentiality

✅ Customer Service

Our Services

UpscaleCyber offers services for businesses of all sizes!

We offer:

Penetration testing

Email Vulnerbility Assessments

Phishing Email Tests


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