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Silver email assessment

Silver email assessment

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♕♕Silver email assessment♕♕

Why is an email assessment necessary?

Your email address is a vital asset to your business! Seemingly harmless, yet your email address can connect a cybercriminal to a variety of sensitive information. When a business/website is hacked, all of the data it collects from you is linked with your email address. If you fall victim to several data breaches, cybercriminals can develop an image of who you are, consequently this leads to identity theft. In 2019 25% of Australian's fell victim to identity theft. 

Through discovering what information is linked to your email address on the dark web, we can tell you which passwords need to be changed and how we can mitigate the damage from the leaked information. Through changing your passwords and mitigating  the leaked information it is less likely that cybercriminals can cause harm.

Package outcomes:

✅ Know where your personal information is published. 

✅ Know which passwords to change.

✅ Less likely cybercriminals can cause harm with leaked information. 

Is this plan for you?

The Silver plan is recommended for medium sized businesses, blogs, influencers and e-commerce stores who would like to know what data cybercriminals have on them. We do this through cross referencing your email’s with thousands of data breaches. 

What does this plan include?

✅A report on the security status of three selected emails.

✅What information was leaked (passwords, email, ip address etc)*

✅How to mitigate damage from leaked information.

*Due to legal and ethical concerns, we only inform you of the category of the information leaked, for example a ‘password’, and not your personal password that was published on the leak. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns with this.