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Silver Phishing link test

Silver Phishing link test

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♕♕Silver Phishing link test♕♕

What is a phishing link?

A ‘phishing link’ is a common tool that cybercriminals use to obtain personal information, they do this through sending various prompts and emails which aim to mislead you into handing over critical information. 

Please see for more information.

What does the Silver Phishing test involve?

UpscaleCyber will send a variety of harmless ‘malicious’ links to three selected email address throughout the course of a month. We will then generate a report with our findings.  

Package outcomes:

To test your employees ability to avoid possible data breaches.

To gain a deeper outlook in employee cyber safety training. 

More experience filtering out ‘malicious’ emails.

Is this plan for you?

The Silver Phishing link test is recommended for medium sized businesses, blogs, influencers and e-commerce stores.